Diaz Virtual Signing
Kopius structured and executed a monetization strategy that amounted to six figures in 48 hours
Direct to Consumer Retail
Los Angeles, CA

“Kopius Media was able to monetize an existing event even further without adding any extra work for Diaz”

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Nick Diaz is a mixed martial artist who has competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other organizations. He is known for his aggressive striking and ground-and-pound style, as well as his trash-talking and controversial behavior outside of the octagon. At UFC 266, Diaz made his return to the octagon after several years away and faced off against Jorge Masvidal in a highly-anticipated welterweight bout.

Nick's management wanted a way to further monetize the event and relied on Kopius Media for the ideation, infrastructure and execution.

Kopius Media was able to create a payment gateway, merchandise, create infrastructure and market the project via Nick's Instagram Account.

Ultimately, management decided to go with an additional monetization leg of an existing merchandising autograph signing event by creating a virtual counterpart. Within 72 hours, merchandise was sold out, POS and customer follow up was automated.

Generated in 72 Hours
Instagram posts used to promote the event.
orders shipped